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Music Lessons

We offer a variety of music lessons.

Lesson Policy Statement

To print and sign our Lesson Policy Statement  click here  (PDF)

Below you will find our policy statement. It allows us to work together as a team in the learning process.  Additionally, it allows us to establish a standard of excellence that is essential for providing a quality music education.  Please read the following carefully.

Tuition Fees are:

    - $90.00 per month.

    - Due on the first lesson of each month.

    - CASH or CHECK payable to your instructor.   

    -There is a $40 sign-up fee. See  “Cancellations” below for details.

    - $10 per week late fee

    - $25  return check fee

Music books, strings, sticks, picks and other supplies are an additional expense. These can be purchased through the store.

At the lesson:

It is the responsibility of the student to have all music organized and written work completed before the time of the lesson. Students must follow instructions given and behave in a manner that enhances musical progress and learning.  Students and/or their parents are responsible for any damage to the equipment caused by their negligence.

Missed Lessons:

A time slot is reserved for each student. Please keep in mind you are still paying for missed lessons.  Please be considerate in giving sufficient notice if you need to cancel a lesson. A 24 hr. notice is required.   Lessons missed for any reason do not result in a credit.

Any time there is a 5th week (lesson) in each month, which happens 5 times each year, it will be “banked.”  Some of the extra lessons will be used for sick days or holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  We will still meet for the extra lessons.  We will let you know in advance when we will be using a sick/vacation day. Please be aware that lessons are year round.  There is not a summer break.


A full month’s notice is required to be given if you are planning to discontinue lessons.  This enables us to budget accordingly and attempt to refill the space.  The $40 sign-up fee will be used towards last months fees if the required notice is given.  If you don’t give the notice, we will keep the sign-up fee.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter. 


Short, focused and productive. Ten minutes, 3 times a day is better than once for an hour.

It is our goal as instructors to provide a fun, well-rounded musical education for the student. Ask questions when you have them. 

Thank you for taking the time to review this statement.  We look forward to our work and accomplishments in the future.

To print and sign our Lesson Policy Statement  click here  (PDF)


Summerville Music Center
622 Old Trolley Rd., Unit #136
Summerville SC, 29485
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Phone:  843.871.7171

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